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Safer. Smarter. Simpler.

Expression is specifically designed to withstand demanding environments with strong magnetic fields, Expression delivers the highest quality results, increased patient comfort and safety, and improved productivity with a lifetime of reliability.

Expression is designed to replicate common OR workflow processes, Expression provides the right information at the right time & whether the patient is in induction, transportation, the exam room or recovery. Expression can be mounted on an anesthesia cart, patient table or freestanding pedestal for more efficient, uninterrupted patient workflow.

Expression features industry-exclusive wireless technology making it easy to move the patient from room to room. Wireless ECG, SpO2 and respiration also mean greater patient access and fewer lines in the exam room. Expression direct wireless remote monitoring allows you to continue to track vital signs in the recovery room without the need for extensive and expensive wireless router networks.

Wireless helps increase patient comfort and safety, too. Shorter cables reduce the risk of cable heating. And unique Quadtrode electrodes dissipate heat more efficiently to help eliminate burning. Plus, Expression is the only monitor to offer complete infection control, with disposable options for every parameter.

A lot of hard thought went into Expression to make your work easier. That’s why you’ll find an Electrode Fail Indicator that immediately notifies you if an electrode loses connection with the patient, so you can quickly identify the source of a lead failure during a scan. Wireless SpO2 monitoring that uses a digital signal to ensure precise values for saturation, low and high perfusion, and motion. And trend arrows that instantly provide a visual representation of vital signs trends so physicians can assess the patient’s history while also monitoring live readings.

Invivo Expression is built with the latest quality standards and manufacturing processes to deliver long-lasting reliability from the start. Should you ever need service, Invivo’s new Express Service gets you back up and running in about an hour by swapping out pre-assembled, pre-calibrated, pre-tested modules.

The Expression can be combined with the Invivo Essential to provide continuous monitoring through the entire process. Essential helps you create a more satisfying patient experience, Introduces new opportunities in patient monitoring, and makes better use of your human and financial resources.

Invivo Expression. As easy to choose as it is to use.





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